Driver Associates

The Let’s Order In Opportunity

Is this for You?

This is a flexible opportunity, one where you can set your own hours and Schedule, where you can decide how much money you’d like to make.

Still sound good? Then we invite you to message us through Facebook to arrange an interview.

Get paid fast

Your income earned (earnings and automatic gratuities) will be deposited directly into your account weekly. We will also share with you alternative earnings and investment opportunities when we welcome you to the team.

We're with you all the way

As an independent entrepreneur, we’ll provide you with the guidance, training, motivation, incentives and financial rewards that will allow you to achieve the success your looking for.

frequently asked questions
01 What qualifications do I need?
You will need proof that you can legally work in Canada, a reliable vehicle, a valid license, vehicle insurance, and vehicle registration. You will also need to have a smartphone and a phone charger.
02 When Can I Start?
You can start making deliveries once you complete the interview and orientation process with a member of our team.
03 What does it mean to be a Associate?
Put simply, you’re your own boss. Not an employee. This means that you choose when you work and how much you want to earn. Your only obligation is treating our customers, like they are your customers, because they are!
04 How do I make money?
You earn money in a few different ways. 1. Through a flat rate delivery payment and 100% of your gratuities. Let’s Order In guarantees that in total you will earn no less than a total of $8 per delivery.
05 How much do I make?
The amount you make is dependent on the number of deliveries you make. Let’s Order In guarantees you a minimum total of $8.00 per delivery.
06 How many orders can I expect to deliver?
The number of orders you can expect to deliver is based on how many people are ordering. The patented Let’s Order In app scheduler keeps track of the number of associates scheduled at any given time and equitably distributes orders for delivery. This system is also monitored for fair distribution of deliveries.
07 When do I get paid?
For cash orders, you will collect the money from the customer once you complete the delivery. All earnings from orders placed online will be paid weekly.