Thank You

You are all rock stars!!
I personally can’t thank you enough. 

Aimee goes above and beyond for you guys, don’t know if you realize just how much she sacrifices. I know you all do but I have to give Aimee her shout out, wouldn’t be here with her.

Having said that, you all get compliments from different customers all the time and this is how I know we raise the bar of customer service.

Thank you.



Thank you from the customers AND THE STAFF!!

Safeway called to thank everybody, their customers were more then pleased with all of you!


Shout out here to Michael. He has taken the wrath from time to time because I make him late. Thank you Michael and thank all of you for saving my ass when I fuck it up on you.

Delivery Company

We are announcing ourselves as a full service delivery company, meaning, we will take phone calls from anybody.

This is simple, it is to offer our service and hopefully create more volume, more calls, more tips.

These trips will pay the driver $4.

We will charge the restaurant or the customer, $5.

We will accept cash, debit and credit cards for PHONE CALLS.

We as a company will take a loss on some fees and ensure the driver makes $4 a trip no matter the expense, plus tips.

Customers will be suggested to use the app whenever possible.

Trips will be dispatched the same way.

Dispatch Times

When a trip is accepted, there are 2 times listed.

For the Pickup, this is the time the merchant has asked to prepare.

If it says 20 minutes, the order time to pickup is set 20 after it is accepted. 

If a customer orders at 9 am, and it takes the restaurant 10 minutes to accept it, when they do, it will say 9:30 for you to pick it up.

The thing to keep in mind is also that some merchants are not partners with us. So the time set is a best estimate including wait times, usually 30 minutes for fast food or drive thrus.

The best practice is ussually to get there as soon as possible.

I understand nobody wants to be waiting however a few minutes early can mean a bigger tip.



Debit Machines

We have 2 machines, they operated independently, with internet. They accept Tap. There is a tip request.

There will be no charges at this time for use of the debit machines.

Debit Machines Trips

These are call in trips.

Doesn’t matter who calls it in, the trip is $5 and the driver will collect $4 plus any tips.

This is to establish our company as the premiere full service delivery company in Brooks.


Debit Machines Kept

At this time, we are asking for suggestions for where and with whom to keep the machines.

New Merchants

When I say new merchants, we are adding menus WITHOUT the knowledge of the merchants, as we have been doing.

We are working on ways to contact these merchants in hopes they will use the app.

So far, Subway has joined and we are in talks with Little Caesars and Tacotime.

We will continue to update you, as well as look for ideas or solutions in contacting these merchants.


Wendys claims there tablets are broken or on back order.

We will continue to leave their status on and use the drive thru, paying cash as they will not be aware of any orders.